Stationery industry market development space analysis

Stationery includes student stationery, office stationery, gift stationery and so on. Some modern stationery commonly used in the office: signature pens, pens, pens, pencils, ballpoint pens, etc. And pen holder and other supporting supplies. Other office supplies include ruler, notebook, filing bag, paper jacket, calculator, binder, etc.

Said modern stationery is now in general refers to all kinds of tools, office, study and other activities related to the general can be divided into writing tools, student stationery, office stationery, and other cultural and educational supplies and so on more than one category, including office stationery for more than 61%, maximum followed by writing tools, student stationery, accounted for 21% and 12% respectively, and other cultural and educational supplies of at least 6%, In addition, there are a variety of stationery products under different subcategories, which are extremely rich.

Due to the characteristics of stationery industry, it has weak periodicity and certain seasonal characteristics. Writing instruments, student stationery and office stationery are little affected by the fluctuations of the economic cycle, especially writing instruments and student stationery, the unit price is low, they are consumables with low income elasticity and rigid demand, so the stationery industry is a typical weak cycle. At the same time, there is a certain seasonality of student stationery. Before the beginning of a new semester each year (i.e., winter and summer vacation), it is called “school season” in the field of culture and education, and relevant enterprises operating student stationery will usher in two rounds of peak sales.

According to the breakdown of the products, the stationery industry mainly includes writing stationery, paper stationery, teaching utensils and ink, etc. Paper stationery accounted for the highest market share, accounting for 44% of the overall stationery industry; Writing stationery followed, accounting for 32 percent; Teaching equipment and ink accounted for 12% and 1%, respectively.

The scale of China’s stationery industry is about 150 billion yuan. In addition, according to industry data, the main business income of enterprises above the scale of the stationery industry has maintained a relatively fast growth rate of more than 10% in recent years.

China stationery market demand and production still have a large room for development.


Post time: Nov-18-2022